Employment Law

Our Labour Law practice is historically extremely strong both in continental Europe and in the United Arab Emirates.

UAE Practice

Employment in the UAE is regulated by a comprehensive federal law system regulating all aspects of labour relations between employers and employees.

Labour laws were put in place to protect the rights of the employer and to protect the employee from exploitation.

According to a recent report from Insead Business School, Google and the Centre for Economic Growth, the UAE is attracting a highly mobilised workforce from around the globe, with over 200 nationalities living and working in the emirates, it has become a melting pot for leading talents and innovators.

The first labour law was introduced in the United Arab Emirates in 1980 and was amended by Federal Law No. 24 of 1981, Federal Law  system No. 15 of 1985, Federal Law No. 12 of 1986 and No 8 of 2007 (Labour Law) which is applicable throughout the UAE.

Continental Europe Practice

Employment laws in continental Europe may vary substantially from country to country. The legal framework can be quite complex, making it difficult for enterprisers and corporations to navigate without the right guidance.

Immigration laws are strict and the system can be considered conservative and to an extent, protectionist. The correct advice in building watertight internal rules and regulations should not be considered a luxury but a necessity.

Our team of Employment Lawyers has been involved in a wide range of labour and employment matters and disputes and provides legal advice on any aspect of employment law, which includes: employer-employee relationships, compensation, unfair dismissal matters, drafting of employment agreements, dismissal of employees, calculation of end of service gratuity  labour disputes and alternative dispute resolutions

Yungo aims to provide employers with solutions in complex legal and regulatory systems, with a deep understanding of the commercial impact that employees’ matters may have on their business model.

Yungo has acquired a reputation for providing practical and sound solutions to employers’ concerns.

Our Employment Law Attorney areas of work include:

  • Legal advice on all employment issues;
  • Assistance and drafting employment contracts;
  • Corporate support;
  • Reviewing employment contracts;
  • Employment and termination policies and decisions;
  • Salary protection;
  • Sexual Harassment;
  • Immigration law and regulations;
  • End of service benefits;
  • Labour disputes;
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution; and
  • Data protection.

Our Experts

employment law, Employment Law
Filomena D’Addario
Managing Partner - Italy
Filomena D’Addario Managing Partner - Italy E-mail: [email protected] Spoken Languages: Italian and English Areas of Expertise: Commercial and Corporate Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Procurement Law, Inheritance Law. Filomena is based in Italy and is one of the founding partners of Yungo,…
employment law, Employment Law
Domenica Urselli
Domenica Urselli Associate E-mail: [email protected] Spoken Languages: Italian and English Areas of Expertise : Employment Law, Corporate Governance, Family Law, Inheritance Law. Domenica is an Associate lawyer at Yungo. Domenica obtained her degree in law from the University of Perugia, Italy.…

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