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According to the Director of the United States’ FBI: “there are only two type of companies: those who have been hacked and those who will be hacked”. Businesses shall face the fact that someone will try to hack and steal their information and they should plan ahead in order to mitigate the risks involved in such violations of privacy. The legislation landscape in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East is going through tremendous changes that will impact profoundly the way businesses will handle Privacy and Data Protection Policy, data and privacy (GDPR). For the first time in history the fines that those companies will face are significant and require undivided attentions to the new challenges that will be introduced by new directives and new regulations that each of those individual countries will implement.

Privacy and Data Protection Law

Between this new set of legislations and regulations, the most recent one is the GDPR the General Data Protection Regulation, a European legislation protecting data of citizens of the European Union internationally, which will come into force on May 25, 2018. The GDPR creates a set of minimum standards required to be implemented for the protection of digital personal data relating to online or reality for EU internet users. The fines for not complying with the legislation are up to 20M Euro or 4% of the annual turnover, whatever is higher.

Our team provides the following Cybersecurity Consulting services:

  • Assess your organization data policies and risks, as required by the GDPR, and evaluate the nature and sensitivity of the data processed or to be processed;
  • Assist your business in preparing for the GDPR and develop, along with your team, control strategies and governance structure;
  • Provide training to your employees on how the GDPR will affect the way they do business and the way they process data of EU nationals;
  • Manage and respond to data security breaches and other cyber-crimes;
  • Assistance with liaising with the regulators;
  • Monitoring regulatory changes and provide practical guidance on their business impact.

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