Technology, Media and Telecommunication

Technology, Media and Telecommunication

The United Arab Emirates has invested heavily in Space Science and Technology with the launch of several satellites in orbit around the world and is planning to send an unmanned spacecraft to Mars by 2021. In line with the United Arab Emirates Mars 2117 Strategy, the country is planning to build the first human settlement on Mars.

The UAE Space Agency is planning to establish the first space research center in the Middle East with an initial investment of AED 100 million.

The United Arab Emirates is also at the forefront of innovation in the Information and Communication Technology offering to its citizens and residents the required tools to succeed in business. With nine free zones dedicated to the media and information technology sector, the United Arab Emirates is the perfect platform to start up your business in the sector or expand your horizons.

The United Arab Emirates Government has also invested in life science technology, with a particular focus on 3D printing and some spectacular progresses in medical science are to be expected in this sector.

Other interesting technology sectors where we will see major changes and challenges in the coming years will be related to artificial intelligence, the internet of things and SMART technology, “blockchains”, crypto-currencies and their regulation, online payment methods and digital wallet, data protection, the regulation of content providers and influencers in advertising as well as in journalism.

Our clients span from start-ups to well established local and global players. Our team of experts has worked with well-known brands in the sector, including electronic games producers, software makers and developers, suppliers of data analytics, television and broadcasters, advertising agencies, social media advertising agency, social media analytics suppliers, AI start-ups, production companies, content producers, influencers and life science technology conglomerates.

Services offered include:

  • Cloud computing and open source software;
  • Data centres and web-data warehousing convergence;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Regulatory and competition;
  • Privacy, data protection and cybersecurity;
  • GDPR compliance implementation;
  • Content protection and exploitation (music, television, film, digital);
  • Branding, advertising, marketing and sponsorship;
  • Tax;
  • Employment;
  • Corporate transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, disposals, minority investing, financing;
  • Commercial contracts, IT outsourcing and off-shoring.

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