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Filomena D’Addario - Yungo

Filomena D’Addario

Managing Partner - Italy
E-mail: filomena@yungo.ae
Filomena D'Addario Yungo

Filomena D’Addario

Managing Partner – Italy
E-mail: filomena@yungo.ae

Spoken Languages: Italian and English

Areas of Expertise: Commercial and Corporate Law, Employment Law, Family LawProcurement Law, Inheritance Law.

Filomena is based in Italy and is one of the founding partners of Yungo, specialising in Civil, Employment and Administrative Law.

She currently assists, consults and advocates, occasionally on a pro-bono basis on matters concerning: contractual obligations; family law; civil and professional liability; the right of employees to recover damages from their employer caused by occupational injuries; the rights of public employees to obtain privileged pensions or equitable relief; the recognition of rights to compensation for victims in the police forces and armies; consumer credit protection and the recognition of rights to compensation for damages caused by procedural delays.

Filomena attained her degree in law in 1980 from the University of Bari with her dissertation entitled “The Family-Run Business”. Filomena has been admitted to the Italian Bar since 1982 and is authorised to practise before the Cassation Court since 2006. Having practised as a lawyer for over 30 years, Filomena has acquired outstanding commincation skills allowing her to work on multicultural matters and deal with her clients as well as public agencies and institutions at various levels. She excels in the management and planning of projects that often requires dealing with a wide range of areas and persons.

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