Procurement Law

Public contracts make up a significant share of the global economy. This allows public entities to obtain the best value-for-money goods or services from private businesses. The range of different sectors benefiting from public spending is of course, very broad ranging from standard products to large infrastructure projects to innovative service providers. Each requires the services of skilled lawyers with knowledge of domestic regulations, the right contacts and the ability to navigate through the often complex legal landscape.

It is important, given the specificity of the UAE’s tendering procedures, for businesses to obtain the best legal advice from professionals who are appropriately experienced in the region.

At Yungo we help to go through the whole tendering procedure, solving any  problems or minimizing any risks that may occur, making use of legal remedies and performing the contract in accordance with any applicable rules. We combine Yungo’s legal experience with a practical approach and deep knowledge of industries in which our clients operate, such as transportation, construction, energy or defence. We understand that you do not want over-analysed advice filled with legalese, and which takes an age to produce. We have developed a reputation for giving fast, straightforward, easy to digest advice, written in plain English.

We work with our clients on a broad spectrum of projects including Energy & Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Technology as well as development agreements and the procurement of managed services in various sectors. We are trusted to advise on some of the most complex and challenging projects currently in procurement and our clients come from all backgrounds.

Our Experts

Clotilde Iaia Yungo
Clotilde Iaia Polak
Managing Partner Middle East
Head of International Business Development
Clotilde Iaia Polak Managing Partner Middle East Head of International Business Development E-mail: Spoken Languages: Italian, English, Spanish Areas of Expertise: Commercial and Corporate Law, Procurement Law, Intellectual Property, Real Estate Law, Corporate Governance, Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection. Clotilde has…
Filomena D'Addario Yungo
Filomena D’Addario
Managing Partner - Italy
Filomena D’Addario Managing Partner - Italy E-mail: Spoken Languages: Italian and English Areas of Expertise: Commercial and Corporate Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Procurement Law, Inheritance Law. Filomena is based in Italy and is one of the founding partners of Yungo,…
Chiaramaria Anastasia Yungo
Chiaramaria Anastasia
Head of the Criminal Law Department - Italy
Chiaramaria Anastasia Head of the Criminal Law Department - Italy E-mail: Spoken Languages: Italian, French and English Areas of Expertise: Employment Law, Family Law, Corporate Governance, Procurement Law, Inheritance Law. Chiaramaria is an Associate lawyer at Yungo. Chiaramaria has extensively…

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