Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Our team of lawyers is able to provide assistance in both contentious and non-contentious intellectual property matters.

The protection of creations and innovations is at the core of our practice and we thrive to provide our clients with constant updates, best practices and sound legal and business advice in the exploitation of their intellectual property rights.

Today’s economy runs on new inventions. It is, therefore, paramount that those ideas shall be protected and, as a consequence, intellectual property law has taken central stage in today’s economic world. Intellectual property laws aim to prevent one person or an organization to steal someone else’s ideas and profit from them.

The 4th Industrial Revolution has brought our society to a speed of growth that not always allows for the law to be up to date with technology advancements. It is up to business owners and organizations to be up to date with new technologies and new potential risks for their most important asset: their unique ideas.

Our team of lawyers constantly monitors technology innovations and avail of special training that allows them to be up to speed with new technologies and the new challenges and risks that these carry with them.  

Artificial Intelligence, block-chain, crypto currencies, the use of block-chain in the protection of ideas, online payments, digital wallets, the internet of things, online content providers and influencers and how to regulate their work while at the same time protecting freedom of speech and privacy are some of the new challenges created by recent progresses in technology.

UAE Practice

Our TMT team covers all sectors in the intellectual property protection spectrum, here included trademark registration, copyright, design model and the protection of trade secrets, regulatory advice.

Continental Europe Practice

Our TMT experts in Italy and France may assist on a broad range of intellectual property theft matters, such as:

  • Registration of national and EU-trademarks and national and EU-designs registration;
  • Registration of trademarks internationally (USA, Madrid Convention or nationally in the country of interest);
  • Licensing arrangements;
  • Regulatory advice;
  • Filing of patents;
  • Copyright applications (where available);
  • Investigations and survey on counterfeits;
  • Advice on a strategy of defense against counterfeit goods;
  • EU-wide customs application;
  • Representation in patent litigation;
  • IP arbitration and mediation;
  • Advice on patent transactions and other technology related matters.

Our Experts

, Clotilde Iaia Polak
Clotilde Iaia Polak
Managing Partner Middle East
Head of International Business Development
Clotilde Iaia Polak Managing Partner Middle East Head of International Business Development E-mail: Spoken Languages: Italian, English, Spanish Areas of Expertise: Commercial and Corporate Law, Procurement Law, Intellectual Property, Real Estate Law, Corporate Governance, Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection. Clotilde has…
, John A. T. Norton
John A. T. Norton
Partner – Middle East, Head of Private Clients Practice.
John A. T. Norton Partner – Middle East, Head of Private Clients Practice. E-mail: Spoken Languages: English, Italian and Swedish Areas of Expertise: Corporate and Commercial Law, Corporate Governance,  Employment Law,  Family Law, Intellectual Property, Inheritance Law John is a solicitor qualified in England…
, Siv-Huor Ou
Siv-Huor Ou
Managing Partner - France
Siv-Huor Ou Avocate ou Barreau de Paris E-mail: Spoken Languages: French, English, German and Chinese dialect (Hainan) Areas of Expertise: Intellectual Property, Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection, Corporate and Commercial Law, Corporate Governance, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Unfair Competition and Customs Law.…
, Samantha Itta
Samantha Itta
Samantha Itta Associate E-mail: Spoken Languages: Italian and English Areas of Expertise: Employment Law, Family Law, Inheritance Law, Intellectual Property. Samantha is an Associate lawyer at Yungo. Samantha obtained her degree in law in 2002 at the University of Bologna…

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